Annual Dinner Outstanding Small Business Award

Outstanding Small Business Award

The recipient of this award is a local small business that has demonstrated stability, innovation, a dedication to community, ability to overcome challenges, and a commitment to diversity. 

Award Qualifiers:

•    Must have 2 -64 full-time equivalent employees (including all independent contractors).

•    Business is physically located in the tri-county region.

•    Min. of 3 years conducting business as both a legal and active owner (involved in the daily operations).

•    The business must have been local (tri-county region) for the entire 3-year period.

•    The business must have remained in the same general industry for the entire 3-year period.

Nominations Due March 3, 2023

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Briefly describe how the nominee is actively involved in the operation of the business.

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Describe how the business has demonstrated creativity and innovation (e.g. in operations, marketing, products & service, etc.) as well as flexibility to change with the evolving business market. 

Describe how the nominee has demonstrated a commitment to the community, through involvement in initiatives, organizations, investment in the lives of others, financial contributions, and/or other activities. 

What has the company done to demonstrate that the nominee values diversity?

Discuss professional, competitive, and personal hardships that the nominee has overcome to become a successful small business owner. (These may include societal disadvantages due to race, ethnic background, age, handicap, gender, religion, etc.)